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Step-parents and child support

In December 2015, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that under certain circumstances, a step-parent can be required to pay child support for his or her former spouse’s biological children.  To become responsible to pay child support, the step-parent must take affirmative legal steps to assume the same parental rights as […]

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Surrogacy Contracts

A common concern when a couple uses a woman as a surrogate to carry their child is that the surrogate will become attached to the child she is carrying and fight to retain custody of the child.  In a recent Pennsylvania Superior Court case, the opposite occurred. The woman who […]

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Avoiding the International UCC

In 1988, the United States ratified the “United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods” (the “International UCC”) and virtually all leading trading nations have adopted that law. The International UCC preempts the Uniform Commercial Code used by all states in the United States (“U.S. UCC”) unless […]

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